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Heavens made in a cloud
illusions of purity and fantasies
where success many geniuses who make dreams come true
there my little
color Angeles where they give you a world of bright sparks
luciernags like sing when you're sleeping.

The princesses with diamond tiaras
flying between the air
beautiful like poppies
to take between the stars and moon sweet cheese.

So when I had my little in my arms
my heart sang with joy violet
to see thy face of an angel
you are the blessing of God and the most beautiful gift
a queen could give me
it was your mother my little.

Autor: Mauricio " Maury " Olivares.

Aporte de:  Mauricio " Maury " Olivares.

Categoria:   Poema de Fantasias

Visto: 4524 veces.    Ranking: 59 votos.


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